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4 Ways to get Feedback from your Users

Getting feedback from your customers is really important as far as the credibility of your site goes. If you don’t have positive reviews on your website like Medialinkers, you would not be able to gain the trust of new clients. Getting positive reviews is really important for the goodwill of your business and there are a lot of ways through which you can do that.

Free Survey Sample

Everyone likes frees stuff, whether it’s a product, a handout sample or a trial. What you can do is make your clients to write feedback for your services after getting something free in return. You can post questionnaire using sites such as wufoo or surveymonkey and act on it to gain the required feedback.

Web Plugins

There are a lot of free plugins out there which you can install to have your users write feedback for you. These plugins work great and don’t have a big price tag. Some good examples include getsatisfaction, zendesk etc and have it integrated into your site.

Simple Emails

Send a bulk email to your existing client base and your family/friends to ask them what they think of your services. You can send email through Facebook or some other bulk email service to get some invaluable feedback to your site.

Feedback Sites

With a lot of local directory sites like yelp, you can have positive reviews gained for your company without any issue. However, there would be customers, who if are not happy with your work would publish negative reviews which can equally damage your site, so you just have to be real careful when it comes to gaining reviews from such sites.

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